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The BCIT Education Council (EdCo) focuses on academic matters, including:

  • setting policies, criteria and procedures for awards, academic standing, appeals, and examinations
  • defining curriculum content for courses
  • advising the Board of Governors on developing educational policies, programs or priorities.

The Council consists of 20 members, all elected for terms of one or two years.

Read more about the election process.

Sub-groups & committees

The Council established the following committees (Council sub-groups) to fulfill its legislated mandate:

  • Programming Committee:
    Reviews all proposals for new programs and major changes, and makes recommendations to Education Council
  • Policy Committee:
    Reviews all new and revised educational policies and associated procedures, and makes recommendations to EdCo
  • Executive Committee:
    Coordinates activities for all EdCo activities
  • Education Technology and Learning Design Committee:
    Provides strategic guidance and recommendations regarding the implementation and use of educational technology

The Education Council operates according to a series of established by-laws, procedures and standing committees [PDF].

Chair & Vice Chairs 2020–2021

Jennifer Figner, Chair
Tim Carson, Vice Chair
Eric Fry, Vice Chair

Coordinator for the Education Council: Joanne Schaap

For information on the Education Council, please contact Joanne at 604-432-8529 or